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Our journey started approx 3 years ago. We are still in awe when we look back on everything you did for us.  Without your help, our special day would not have been the picture-perfect event we always dreamed of. Despite having a " covid" wedding, you made it so perfect.  We actually would not have changed anything! 

Thank you to you and your team and most importantly your friendship.

Ashley & Justin Duarte

November 14, 2020


thank you does not even begin to cover how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. You exceeded our expectations on our special day.  We were complimented by guests at how smoothly the day went, but also from the bridal party who advised they felt it was the most stress free wedding they attended.  During our entire planning process Bernadette was there to answer every single question  we had.  The months leading up to the wedding she kicked into fairy godmother mode and took care of absolutely everything from reminders of various vendor payments, decor options she found while she was out and about that day, to last minute details hours before the wedding.

We feel like we blinked and it ended.  Bernadette and her team made our special day go smooth and flawless.  We did not have to worry about anything except each other.  They really took care of it all.  We would not have been able to accomplish the beautiful night without you and your team. You are truly worth every penny.  My best advice to anyone planning a wedding is to hire our fairy godmother Bernadette!

Parveen & Matt

October 19, 2019

Bernadette ( Tia B!),

Where do I even begin? The first time we met you, we instantly shared a connection and a bond of trust.  From all of our meetings to Moxie's dinners to wine night at your place, you took the title of Wedding Planner to a whole other level.  You not only took our vision wedding and brought it to spent time getting to know us personally to ensure all the tips and suggestions you gave us reflected who we are.  I don't know how people have weddings without a planner, because  without you...our wedding day would have been extremely stressful.  I could write a whole book about how grateful we are but I'll save that for you to read soon.  Thank you Tia B and the whole Serendipity crew.  We already miss you and hope you'll be willing to plan a baby shower in the near future. 

We love  you lots!

Christine & Eric

October 12, 2019

Bernadette and Serendipity Team, 

Thank you so much for making Steven and my dream wedding come true! We had such a blast planning with you.  You are an amazing person and amazing at your job!

We are truly grateful to have worked with you.  Thank you for making our dream wedding come true, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!

- Vanessa

We just had our wedding September 14, 2019. From our first meeting in the beginning to our last meeting, Serendipity & Co went above and beyond to create our wedding into a magical event.  We had our ideas, they took it, enhanced it and executed them.  From the priceless sketches, the funny moments, serious moments and all of the coffee we had, we couldn't have asked for anything better.  Bernadette was a total gem to deal with.  I ( groom) don't have any siblings but super Sarah and Jeanette were like sisters to me during my wedding. 

From the bottom of our hearts, my family would like to thank you so much for making our dream wedding a reality.  Thank you so much! All the best for you and your future wedding plannings. 

- Steven

Vanessa & Steven

September 14, 2019

Where do I begin?

Thank you for everything you've done for Mark and I! You and your girls made my day easy. I couldn't have imagined us doing this without you. 

I truly have a lot of love for you. I was so blessed to have someone like you. 

Lots of love!

Chrissy & Mark

September 6, 2019

Kirill and I would like to express how truly grateful we are for all the work you put into planning and coordinating our wedding.   You made the entire process so seamlessly easy, stress-free and most notably, enjoyable!

Right from the very first meeting we had, I could already tell you were a professional with a wealth of knowledge of the industry, but it was your personality and the passion you had for your work that made me realize that I wanted to work alongside an individual like you.

Thank you for joining me at all the vendor meetings, being the person I could text or call at any hour of the day to seek advice and guidance, and of course, being there with Kirill and I on our wedding day ensuring that our dream day became a reality.

You and the entire Serendipity Team have been nothing short of amazing and we look forward to hopefully working with you on another event in the near future. 

With love, 

Olivia & Kirill

August 17, 2019


We wanted to thank you for helping us turn our wedding vision into reality! Over the past couple of weeks you have become like family to us.  We could not picture our wedding day without you.  Not only that but you have made the wedding planning process a million times easier.  We truly hope you stay in touch. 

Thank you for proving to Sergio that hiring a Wedding Coordinator was the best decision ever!

Vanessa & Sergio

July 20, 2019

Bernadette and Sarah, 

I wanted to take some time to thank Sarah, Ashley and Jennifer for everything they did for Justin and I on our wedding day.  Sarah was an absolute dream to work with - she was always available to answer all of my questions ( and there were a lot of them!) and was always willing to meet with us to go over the details for our wedding day.  Sarah was so helpful when it came to determining the flow of our wedding day from when the prayer and toast should take place to scheduling each speech as well.  We couldn't have done it without her.  Sarah and Ashley were lifesavers when it came to packing everything away for us at the end of the night.  We spent the entire evening dancing the night away with our guests and at the end of the night everything was packed away neatly in boxes ready for us to load in the car and go home.  

If anyone is on the fence about whether they should hire a Day of Coordinator - just do it! Hire Serendipity & Co! It truly saved us a ton of stress and allowed us to be present on the most important day of our lives

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Serendipity & Co so very much!

Ashley & Justin Rego

June 15, 2019

I first would like to say thank you so much to Bernadette, Sarah and Domenique for all of their hard work on our wedding day ( April 27, 2019).  It was a dream come true for the both of us and everything was even more amazing than we could have ever dreamed of.  Bernadette was kind, caring and attentive to all of our wants and needs.  She went above and beyond and made the wedding process so much easier and more more stress free.  She took the ideas I had and ran with it coming back with even more amazing ideas than I could have ever thought of.  Bernadette is literally the best at what she does and anyone who has her as their Wedding Planner is extremely lucky.  Having Sarah and Domenique there the morning of was honestly a God send and I don't know if I would have been able to be as relaxed as I was that morning if they were not there.  The itinerary she put together was executed flawlessly.  I will never forget the feeling I had when I walked into the hall for our first reveal.  I was speechless, I was in awe and I was so happy and grateful for all the work they did for us.   Bernadette we love you and thank you for everything.  We can't wait to see our pictures so that we can relive the day all over again. 

Kimberly & Nelson

April 27, 2019


There will never be enough words to say thank you for all you did for our wedding. I don't think I would have made it through with my sanity without you and your team. Your genuine and kind nature is a true testament to you as a person and it's reflected all through your business.  You were meant to be a wedding planner and our paths were meant to cross.  It's not very often I click with someone but with you it was instantaneous. I hope you know how truly wonderful you are and how much we ( your couples) appreciate you not only as a planner but as a person. 

Thank you sooo much!

Cyrise & Aman

April 7, 2018

Bernadette and Lindsay,

As I look back on pictures of my wedding, I am still in awe of how the day unfolded and I know that it had a lot to do with having you two in our corner. After our engagement, I became overwhelmed at the idea of planning the biggest party of my life. Unlike most girls, I have not dreamed about my wedding since I was five, had no idea what vision I had for the day or where to even start.

I entered your office like a deer in headlights, anxious and nervous about the whole process, but you reassured me that everything would work out. You were right. I know I was not the easiest client because of how indecisive I can be. I knew what I didn't want, but articulating what I did want was a bit of a challenge.  With your patience and expertise you were able to help me create a day that was beyond my high expectations. Being so indecisive meant that shopping around for reliable vendors would cause me to stress out, and doubt if I am making the right choice. Luckily, you came with a list of preferred vendors who you trusted and worked within our budget. You helped us find venues that didn't feel "cookie cutter", introduced us to an amazing caterer and added details to our decor that just blew everyone away. You were punctual to every appointment and always so professional. Your passion for what you do was so obvious in every single meeting.

So, after a year and a half of planning, the big day had finally arrived and I was so relieved that you two were there because I actually enjoyed my night and felt present at my own wedding. I didn't have to worry about anything because I knew you guys were there making sure everything was going according to plan.  Even when there were hiccups, you dealt with them quickly and professionally and I thank you for it.  I had guests calling me two days before the wedding changing their RSVP which meant I had to reconfigure the seating chart. Doing this two days before my wedding meant that I was bound to make a mistake, and sure enough I did. These mistakes came to light as people are trying to find their seats at our reception. Luckily you took control of the situation, dealt with some overbearing family members, and found the correct seat for those displaced guests. Meanwhile, I am going through my receiving line, none the wiser of the crisis you averted.

At the end of the night, you gathered all my belongings and packed up everything for me. I can't express how grateful I am for that because when you are exhausted and running on pure adrenaline, the last thing you are thinking about it packing up your cake knife. The wedding and honeymoon have come and gone and guests are still complimenting us on how beautiful the wedding was, and what a great time they had. I know that these compliments need to be shared with you two because it was with your guidance that we created a day that our guests will never forget. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Ana + Behic

August , 2015

Hi Bernadette! I just wanted to let you know that our wedding was absolutely amazing. And I have you and the girls to thank for helping me pull my vision together. I am so happy you pointed out Spencer’s as a venue to look at. It was exactly what I wanted, and after all my OCD details and changes, it turned in to a very dreamy and magical event. I can't thank you enough for helping me with everything. I will be telling everyone about you. To Natalie and! Fantastic. Melissa was amazing with helping me out with everything at the house, to sewing up my dress to making sure my needs were met and even entertaining my daughter. And Natalie...super! She was always around, looking after everything, checking in on me, and packing everything up at the end of the night. Amazing!

I loved working with all of you. I want to get married again just so that I can plan and work with you! I hope your mom had a fantastic evening too. I sent some flowers for you and your mom with Natalie. Anyways, you and the team are absolutely amazing. I can't say enough. All of my immediate family commented on how great of a job you did. I could not have asked for a better day. And the dress ripping didn't really even phase me. This was as close to perfection as anyone can get.

With love and thanks,

Krista and Chris

August 7, 2015

Hi Bernadette, Thank you VERY much for all of the hard work and dedication that you put into our wedding to make it the perfect day! From the time that you put into the small details, to the vendors that you connected us with, to the day of coordination- we could not have asked for more!

We have had so many guests comment on how smoothly - that is thanks to you and your wonderful team! Thanks for helping us make our winter wedding magical. We will definitely recommend Serendipity & Co. to our family and friends:)

All the best,

Ashley & Michael McKelvie

December 6th, 2014 @ The Design Exchange

Hi Bernadette, We are back now and I wanted to say my most sincere thanks! You and your team are absolutely amazing and helped make our wedding the most special day! I had a vision in my head but when I walked into the church and then into the hall it took my breath away! You are and have an amazing company and I will most definitely be recommending you for upcoming weddings! You made our dreams come true. I’ll send you some pictures once I get them back as well.

Thanks again with warmest regards,

Laura & Rino

April 11, 2015